It's The Most Popular Topic Again – Is Watching TV A Boon Or Bane?


One with the most popular debates on the globe is actually TV is really a boon or perhaps a bane to individuals. This debate may be widely discussed by people of every age group; from school students to college students for the older people. Although most of us think TV is beneficial to the everyday life, often there is a specific group of people who feel otherwise. On a funny note, does that mean which they don’t watch TV at home? Or does that mean they just don’t have TV whatsoever? Neither in the two may be right. So, I would like to point out that TV is a blessing and is also maturing all the time. But from your critic’s standpoint, I would like to highlight the negative effects of TV on us. First why don’t we examine some great benefits of Television.

Advantages of Television:TV has been the top method to obtain home theatre for quite a while. By watching TV channels, we keep ourselves updated regarding the latest happenings in the world; seeing that you will find news channels with live coverage to offer minute by minute information. We get live reports with the local temperature and weather forecast; we to observe live sporting actions. And, we also get to watch other live events happening across the globe! There is a host of TV programs rendered by popular TV networks including the Dish TV Packages with which you may enjoy watching them comfortably by relaxing on your couch. There are cartoon channels for youngsters, animal planet and discovery channel for animal lovers and children; sports channels for sport lovers, drama for housewives etc. And you can find a slew of informative and intellectual channels from which we can easily study a great deal of useful stuff. TV keeps the kids nowadays much before how children in the older generations were. Kids gain enormous quantity of knowledge by watching useful programs on TV. It helps to enhance their creativity and imagination levels. TV is a smart way to the companies to promote their businesses. By airing their commercials on TV, they widen the purchasing options in the people simultaneously promoting their products. In short, TV has brought the globe closer and possesses got all of the benefits to deserve an area in the listing of the most effective sources of entertainment in the households.

Disadvantages of Television:Watching TV for too long hours may lead to vision problems. This problem is normal one of many kids who watch TV for long hours from the very close distance. Some people like watching TV from their bed. Lying around the bed in improper positions may lead to body pain or may twist the muscles. There are studies that show that folks who watch TV for long hours usually become lazier. There are chances that they can may get enslaved by it. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี may also be a source of distraction for the kids. Most parents complain that TV is the reason to the poor mark sheets of their children. Moreover, women never pay attention to anything when they are watching their favorite drama or cookery show. Girls get enslaved by beauty shows; and you will find guys who watch sports channels almost each day. The luxury of experiencing a TV in your own home itself turns our awareness of it. What I’m telling is that most of the TV viewers don’t watch TV just to learn some useful stuff. Even if there is absolutely no interesting program, they just keep changing the channels and view just for your sake of watching it. This leads to the wastage of time and cash. And, a great deal of children are hooked on watching the adult contents inside the TV shows. This in turn results in misleading thoughts and drives them inside wrong direction.

However, to conclude, I would like to claim that, the same as what sort of coin has two sides, TV also has its own benefits and drawbacks. But, advantages clearly outrank its disadvantages which is left towards the individual to produce the correct choice.