A theatrical experience – Ranga Shankara


Theater is really a collaborative form of craft that uses live performers to depict stories to reside in audiences. Before the creation of technology and films, theater ruled our planet. Live performers would perform skits, plays in front of live audiences. Most of these plays were accompanied with a pianist or organist that gave the history scores. Even till today people believe that theater may be the purest way of acting and performing.

The beauty about theater is that there aren’t any retakes. Each performer should be flawless the day of the show and will execute his/her dialogues with ease in addition to act like an authentic perfectionist.

Theater first emerged as a possible talent inside the capital city of Greece, Athens. It was on culturally broad aspects that comprised religion, politics, law, festivals, rituals and others. Over the years lots of kinds of theater have risen. Like films, theater boasts a unique genres of plays and skits. It can range between opera to tragedy, comedy to drama. Good theatrical performances can grip you in stronger ways than movies can. Theaters should have effective sound acoustics for that play to get the right affect its audience. Theaters with bad acoustics cannot leave an impact on the audience inside desired manner. Yes tha actors, the performance and also the story should be crisp, however, if the acoustics certainly are a dissatisfied, then a whole point of theater is lost.

India has its own list of theaters where plays are executed. Some with the famous ones are NCPA, Prithvi and Ranga Shankara.

Ranga Shankara is a popular theater venue located at JP Nagar in Bangalore. It was started by Arundhati Nag in 2004 in remembrance of her late husband and renowned kannada actor Shankar Nag. The beauty of Ranga Shankara is always that it promotes theater in every languages and forms, and in addition lends out its space at extremely low fares.

Shankar Nag planned to create a reasonable yet vibrant location for theater loves inside the capital of scotland – Bangalore. Post his death in 1990 Sanket trust as well as a few friends began the work on Ranga Shankara. Construction were only available in 2001 because with the deficiency of funds and was thrown open to people in August 2004. Ranga Shankara includes a thrust stage having a floor are of 1750 sq . ft .. Ranga Shankara is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and acoustics are so that no artificial amplification is needed. It even offers a bookshop that holds events like book launches.

ซีรี่ย์จีน with plays in different languages. Ranga Shankara is also host to the popular Mango party. The annual Mango party at Ranga Shankara celebrates the growing season of mango which is the national fruit of India. They also hold Ranga Ugadi on the occasion with the South Indian festival Ugadi.

Ranga Shankara can be a theater that’s to the public. Private shows are certainly not allowed only at that venue. The best of plays and skits are actually performed in the Ranga Shankara rendering it heaven for theater lovers inside the town of Bangalore.